Last updated May 12, 2008


Working together for the farmers of Laos

Effective linkages among stakeholders in the agricultural sector are necessary to bring about greater productivity and better livelihoods of rural people. The linkages between extension, research and farmers are especially important. Creating and maintaining these linkages has been a problem in many countries.

In Laos , the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) is committed to making sure that research and extension organisations are working together in an effective manner. In this respect, the most important organisations under MAF are the National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Service (NAFES) and the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institution (NAFRI).

In November 2005, NAFES and NAFRI organised a joint workshop to discuss the issue of linkages. A number of practical recommendations came out of the workshop, including the creation of a joint working group on Agricultural Information Management (AIM).

At this website you can download the presentations made at the Research-Extension Linkages Workshop and read about the activities of the AIM working group. The site will also contain other information about how NAFRI and NAFES are working together for the farmers of Laos .


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